UMRC & Porter Hills' No Scale, New Year

The New Year is a time to reflect, celebrate, and prepare and set goals. That is why this January, UMRC & Porter Hills’ Wellness Champions have encouraged the “No Scale, New Year” challenge for all UMRC & Porter Hills team members. This challenge focuses on promoting sustainable and healthy change, not just basing your goals around a number on a scale.

At UMRC & Porter Hills, wellness is seen as a way to engage team members and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. Every month, team members may participate in a different wellness theme and activity. Jessica Finley, Human Resources Benefits and Project Manager for UMRC & Porter Hills, gives us insight into wellness and the strides taken to provide team members with all the resources they need to succeed.

“I believe, and research confirms, that a well-balanced life is key - not only work-life balance, but your whole well-being, meaning financial, emotional, and social wellness. All these areas need to be in good balance in order for you to reach your full potential.”

The wellness program at UMRC & Porter Hills focuses on the overall health and well-being of each individual, such as mental health and self-care, financial wellness, and physical wellness. Since 2020, there has also been an increased awareness of mindfulness and gratitude as part of overall wellness. Jessica adds, “No matter what sector of well-being team members participate in, the ultimate goal is to make sure the individual is taking care of themselves and is living their best life possible.”

Wellness Champions are team members who voluntarily sign up to help make the wellness program a success. They help spread the word to other team members regarding upcoming wellness events, help with the communication, and brainstorm ways to keep team members engaged throughout the year. Ultimately, they are a group of people who have a passion for health and wellness, and truly do make a difference.

UMRC & Porter Hills provides team members with the tools and resources to create the wellness balance they need. Team members can find all these resources on their ADP portal. If you have any questions, or would like to become a Wellness Champion, please email or

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