National Estate Planning Awareness Week!

October 17th through the 23rd is National Estate Planning Awareness Week!  The UMRC-Porter Hills Foundation wants to remind you that there’s no better time to consider your estate plan!

Many myths surround estate planning.  Some believe estate planning is just for older people, or only for the wealthy.  Others think the process of estate planning is too complicated and expensive.  Maybe that’s why recent research has shown that only about one-third of Americans have an up-to-date estate plan, according to a survey by senior living referral service, as reported by MSNBC. 

When asked why they don’t have an estate plan, 40% of respondents say they just haven’t gotten around to it; 33% feel they don’t have enough assets to pass on to their loved ones; 13% think the process is too costly; and 12% don’t know how to get started.

In reality, any amount of assets is important for you to protect through your estate plan to ensure your loved ones are cared for.  Today, with many online services, the process for creating a will can be quick, easy, and affordable.

For the two-thirds of Americans who have put off estate planning, now is a great time to start.  If you haven’t reviewed your will in many years, it’s also important to revisit your plan and make sure it still meets your wishes, especially with changes in your personal circumstances.

In addition to taking care of your family, your estate plan is also a good way to provide support to causes and charities you care about.  If bringing joy, vibrancy, and purpose to older adults is on your list, consider making a gift in your will to the UMRC-Porter Hills Foundation.  By letting us know of your planned gift, you will become a member of the UMRC-Porter Hills Foundation Legacy Society.  More importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to let us know your wishes for your gift, such as to support our Team Member Support Services fund, or our cornerstone, Benevolent Care, which helps to ensure that eligible residents always have a place to call home. 

For more information about estate planning, contact your legal or financial advisor, or call the UMRC-Porter Hills Foundation at 734.433.1000 ext. 7502 (east office) or 616.577.2297 (west office) to learn more about caring for older adults.