It’s Official!

Brio Living Services Logo tree with green leaves

It’s OFFICIAL!  UMRC & Porter Hills is now Brio Living Services!  This new name and brand for our corporate umbrella emphasizes the joy and vibrant living we aim to bring to the older adults we serve across Michigan.  ‘Brio’ means vivacity, verve, enthusiastic vigor, life.  It aptly reflects our faith-based, nonprofit mission, “welcoming all, partnering together, enriching lives” and vision of “a world in which all are empowered to age well.”

We believe the name ‘Brio Living Services’ captures our focus on ensuring the highest level of independence and vibrancy for those we serve, across our 24 communities and service lines, so they can live their best lives.

Brio Living Services is the new name of our parent organization, much like General Mills or Procter & Gamble.  While Brio Living Services is the new name of our nonprofit entity, the names of our individual communities and service lines will not change.  Each of our communities, such as Chelsea Retirement Community, Porter Hills Village, and Cook Valley Estates, are well-known and respected in their regions, and we will continue to build on and benefit from the reputations of each of our individual entities and service lines.  The Foundation’s name will also remain, UMRC & Porter Hills Foundation, in support of Brio Living Services. 

To learn more, visit to watch our video and read our press release and FAQ!