Gift of Fountain Adds Beauty to Cook Valley Estates Wetlands

Phil Battershall’s favorite place to be was always near the water, whether during summers with his grandparents on an island in Pine Lake, near Plainwell; walking on Daytona Beach on vacations; or at his family cottage on Big Brower Lake in Rockford, Michigan.  

While living at Cook Valley Estates with his wife, Shirley, and in his later years at the GREEN HOUSE® Homes, Phil continued to love being near the water – this time at the community’s wetlands area.  “Whenever the weather was good, we would take him on the wetlands path to visit the pond and the gazebo,” says his son, Jeff.  “He really enjoyed it there.”

When Phil passed away in September 2021, his family wanted to make a meaningful gift in his memory.  “That’s when we came up with the idea for the fountain,” says Jeff.  Working with the UMRC & Porter Hills Foundation, Shirley contributed to have a water fountain installed in the wetlands area at Cook Valley Estates. 

“The addition of the fountain in our wetlands is truly a blessing,” says Community Manager Kelly Mockerman.  “It’s such a serene and calm area where residents can sit, relax, and enjoy.  The fountain also protects the health of the water and reduces overgrowth.”

Shirley continues to live at Cook Valley Estates, her home for over 20 years.   “Cook Valley Estates has been great for my parents and, when it became difficult for my dad, the Green House® Homes provided him with awesome care,” Jeff says.  “We hope our gift in Phil’s memory will bring joy to residents for years to come.” 

The UMRC & Porter Hills Foundation team is happy to work with you to make a gift that is both meaningful to you and to our residents, while following the strategic direction of the organization.  For more information, contact 734.433.1000 ext. 7502 (east) or 616.577.2297 (west).