Brio Living Services Celebrates National Nurses Week—Nurses Make a Difference

National Nurses Week Brio Living Services
National Nurses Week Brio Living Services
National Nurses Week Brio Living Services

May is National Nurses Month and Brio Living Services celebrates its nursing team members across the organization. National Nurses Month, formerly National Nurses Week, was first declared in 1993, to “recognize the vast contributions and positive impact of America’s 4 million registered nurses.” This year’s theme is: Nurses Make A Difference.

Week One of Nurses Month focuses on self-care. Now more than ever, focusing on emotional well-being is key. Nurses can try a self-care assessment. What activities benefit your health and reduce stress? The American Nurses Foundation offers free resources through their Well-Being Initiative. Week Two of Nurses Month focuses on recognition and raising visibility of the critical work nurses do. The theme of Week Three is Professional Development. As the largest group of healthcare professionals in the United States, nurses provide care across all areas of health systems and care settings. Week Four of Nurses Month highlights community engagement.

We at Brio Living Services know what a difference nurses make every day, as trusted advocates for residents and as liaisons for family members, ensuring every older adult we serve continues to receive the quality of care they deserve. With over 70 nurses serving in our locations shore to shore, Brio Living Services understands and values the vital work nurses accomplish. Above all, we are grateful to our nurses who provide tireless care for older adults.

One way we show our appreciation for our team members is the UMRC & Porter Hills Foundation’s Team Member Support Services fund, which includes competitive scholarship opportunities. For nurses like Erica Pledger, her scholarship from the Foundation allowed her to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse, following in the footsteps of several members of her family.

 “I’ve always wanted to help people. The Team Member Scholarship program has greatly impacted my ability to attend school and to pay for classes without worrying about paying my bills. It has been a four-year journey of working toward my Bachelor’s degree in nursing, which I recently completed. I am so thankful that the Team Member Scholarship program has made my dream come true.”  – Erica Pledger, RN, BSN 

To learn more about Brio Living Services, or to join our wonderful team of nurses, visit us online at For more information on how you can support the UMRC & Porter Hills Foundation’s Team Member Support Services Fund, visit or call 734.433.1000 ext. 7502 (east) or 616.577.2297 (west). For resources and more information about National Nurses Month, visit the website