Discovering the Not-For-Profit Difference

At Brio Living Services, we are proud to uphold our mission, vision, and guiding beliefs, all of which are based on our founding principles and faith-based heritage. These values are reflected in our status as a not-for-profit organization. But what does that actually mean to you and to the residents, elders, participants, and team members we serve? Should you factor in a community’s not-for-profit status when making a decision to live or work with us? 

When making the decision to move to a retirement community, you have the obvious factors; location is key, as is the right mix of amenities. But did you know that whether the community is for-profit or not-for-profit may also make a difference in your decision-making process? Along with the comfort of living in a welcoming, resource-filled community, not-for-profit retirement communities also provide a variety of unique benefits not found in other for-profit options. Their mission-driven approach to retirement living is exclusively focused on providing quality older adult care and support - not on generating a profit.

The many benefits to choosing a not-for-profit Brio Living Service community or service include: 

What you pay for is what you get: While not-for-profit organizations do need to make money to operate, they are not motivated by profit, meaning the money you spend is directly invested in the maintenance and operation of the community. You’re investing in your home and community, not profits or shareholders. You will notice this difference reflected in each of our Brio Living Service communities upon taking a tour, with carefully planned annual capital projects and the meticulous maintenance of our buildings and homes.


The focus is on you, not on ROI (Return on Investment): At a not-for-profit community, the team members are dedicated to service and ensuring residents receive the personalized attention they need and deserve. As noted in the Irving Levin Associates Report, for-profit communities focus less on mission and mainly on ROI, which means keeping operational costs low and occupancy high: “For-profits are looking to maximize cash flow and shareholder returns by increasing revenue and squeezing costs to the lowest level,” explained James M. Moloney, Head of Real Estate and Co-Head of Tax-Exempt M&A at Cain Brothers in San Francisco. “They’re run from a financial return perspective, as opposed to the mission-in-perpetuity perspective of the not-for-profits.”


Mission Driven: At Brio Living Services, our mission is welcoming all, partnering together, enriching lives. Through our vision of a world in which all are empowered to age well and our guiding beliefs of integrity, wellness, inclusiveness, stewardship, excellence, and community, we strive to create an environment for all residents, participants, elders, team members, and families to live well. It is these values that are at the heart of each and every decision made at not only the community level, but at the very top with our Board of Directors and President and CEO. Whether it is providing the best possible quality of care or fostering a supportive environment for our team members, you can trust Brio Living Services has your best interests in mind.


Better Team Members, Better Care: Brio Living Services is committed to employing compassionate and dedicated individuals and nurturing their personal and professional growth. A portion of profits that go back into our operations budget include the staffing it takes to run each community and business line. This allows Brio Living Services to pay top-tier wages, offer unique benefit  and wellness packages, and retain the best talent in the area. Continued education tuition reimbursement, onsite and virtual leader retreats, and CNA paid training are just a few ways we support our team members’ professional growth. At Brio Living Services, we truly value our team members and know the importance of what they provide to our residents, participants, and elders on a daily basis.  Learn more about the many reasons to choose Brio Living Services as a workplace at


Business Transparency and Connectivity: Brio Living Services and not-for-profit organizations offer complete transparency to all shareholders. This means accessible information on the state of the organization, as well as annual reports and messages from the President and CEO. Likewise, not-for-profit boards of directors represent the communities and services they serve, so instead of focusing on their own individual financial interests, board members look out for the interests of those in our care every day.


Faith-Based Heritage: Our faith-based roots date back to 1906 and signify the Christian values of respect, compassion, diversity, generosity, partnership, and service. While we are guided by our Christian heritage, we are accepting of and open to all, regardless of faith or any aspect of human diversity. We welcome all older adults to access our services, affirming our guiding belief of inclusiveness. “Brio Living Services was built on a cornerstone of faith, and we live out that faith each day in the care and services we provide for older adults and their families, as well as our team members.  offers a faith-based distinction that sets us apart among other U.S. senior living agencies,” says Steve Fetyko, President and CEO of Brio Living Services.


UMRC-Porter Hills Foundation: The UMRC-Porter Hills Foundation is the fundraising arm for Brio Living Services. Its mission: As faithful, philanthropic stewards and steadfast advocates for vibrant aging, we support the mission of Brio Living Services. Driven by a philosophy of faith and a calling to serve older adults, the UMRC-Porter Hills Foundation was created with Benevolent Care as its cornerstone. The Benevolent Care Fund is the safety net, ensuring that qualified Brio Living Services residents who outlive their financial resources, always have a loving home at one of our communities. In addition, the Foundation’s other fundraising initiatives include: Team Member Support Services, offering competitive Scholarships for team members who wish to advance in their careers, and Emergency Aid to support team members in times of crisis, Capital Improvements, and Life Enrichment programming.

Discover the Not-for-Profit difference for yourself! Whether you’re looking for the next step in your career, or looking for a new place to call home, know that Brio Living Services can help you along that journey. Learn more about careers, services, and communities at